The School of Policy and Governance is excited to announce our next Executive Education Program:

Energy Policy in India

24th February 2020 : New Delhi

The School of Policy and Governance is excited to announce our first Energy Policy Program. The program will focus on the evolving energy landscape in India and how it is adapting to the needs for renewable energy.

It is a day program that will bring industry practitioners together and provide a lay of the land. The first half of the program will focus on how the Indian policy is shaping up, ostensibly green but still heavily favouring traditional energy sources

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Why School of Policy & Governance?

Improvement in the conversation around polity in India and the developing world cannot happen without the education of its key stakeholders.

We believe our generation deserves a leadership that:

  • is effective in building and managing the capacity of public administration;
  • is novel in its approach of solutions for the civil society; and
  • is adaptable in the face of changing circumstances and demographics to solve problems effectively.

Today’s political sciences and policy decisions involve managing changes faster, and smarter in a dynamic environment.

The School of Policy and Governance will:

  • equip the new generation of leaders with the right tools and provide a framework for analytical thought;
  • be research based to ensure its offering meets the demands of the developing world; and
  • attract the brightest faculty across the world to ensure that its offering is tailored to meet the requirements of leadership across Asia and Africa.

Our vision is to positively impact more than a billion lives through their leaders.

Our Partners

Some of our current and past partners include:

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